This 88 page volume carefully covers dozens of relaxation steps with full-color, step-by-step illustrations. The book is spiral bound for easy deployment, and is meant to be actively used while performing relaxation. Being fully revised and updated for the 2nd edition, learning Relax, Release, Relief has never been easier.

The Quick Reference Guide can be used individually, but ideally pairs with our video course, which will demonstrate relaxation in real time.



9 Chapters

In addition to our written manual, we offer full video guides, broken up into individual chapters corresponding to specific parts of the body. Relaxation is performed in real time, and is broken down into easily followed, step-by-step instructions. As always, you’ll need no expensive special equipment, prerequisite education, or developed hand strength to follow these courses, and can begin performing our techniques within minutes. We offer the first chapter, covering the foot, free of charge so you can get a full understanding of how these techniques work.

We recommend learning the basics of relaxation via renting our instructional videos, and using our written Quick Reference Guide as a long-term aid.